Assholes, Idiots and Sexual frustration, oh my!

Morning guys!
So the last few weeks I’ve been meaning to sleep over with ‘New Boy’ (who is now known as ‘Asshole Boy’) but work has been getting in the way. I was so keen to finally have sex again with a genuinely nice guy! Wasn’t I completely wrong.
One of the girls I work with just asked if I’d stayed over yet, I said no of course and then she blurts out
“Probably don’t go there, I’ve seen him hanging with his ex a lot..”

His ex cheated on him with her ex, got knocked up, kept the baby and lied to him about the kids paternity.
I’m not known for my ‘sensitivity chip’ so what the actual fuck?! I don’t understand why you’d go back to such an evil woman who toyed with you for over a year who left you for her ex?!
To say the least I was mildly insulted. I suppose since we didn’t sleep together I’m not her sloppy seconds.
Now here I am stuck in bed with so much pent up sexual frustration it could wipe out a small country. Masturbation only gets you so far, I need penis penetration and I need it now!

I was hanging out with my bestfriend in her new place yesterday eating toast and watching Pretty Little Liars when she asked how ‘First Boy’ and I were going.
Currently ‘Ex Boy’ and I are on thin ice. Ever since last Fridays visit at my work and brought me coffee all I can do is miss him, again. You know that sinking feeling you get when you hear bad news, thats how I felt when I saw him.
So I’m just being short with him, I need to re-distance myself from him again which sucks because we were going so good.

Right back to story! So after I explained everything to her she looked at me thoughtfully and said
“Go fuck him again” my jaw hit the ground, had she not listened to a single thing I said?!
She then went on to explain that I should use him, plain and simple. My bestfriend is convinced he still likes me and that if I use him for sex he will realize what he lost.
No shit like that only exists in chick flicks. We argued for a while until we came up with a compromise: I will go out this weekend looking hot as hell just to see if I get a reaction from ‘First Boy’

I’m already nervous and it’s only Wednesday! I really don’t want to do this but I also can’t keep staying home just because I know he’s out. Anyway I’ll keep you guys posted and I’m crossing my fingers I don’t drunk text him and we end up fucking.

Much love x


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